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Dispotech is the leader in disposable products in Italy and around the world.The company was created by the vision of Massimo Mortarotti in 1994. After ten years working in the chemical-medical field in Milan, Mortarotti decided to create a new company dedicated to designing and manufacturing disposable products in Gordona, in the Valchiavenna area, Italy.Recognised both in Italy and abroad for our production of disposable products for various sectors - medical, dental, sports, promotional and mass retail - our company offers major international distributors both Dispotech branded and Private Label products, creating customised lines of disposable products.Dispotech designs its disposable products internally, developing the materials, the technologies and the production processes, as well as all the quality control systems.This allows Dispotech’s internal Research and Development department to guarantee the highest quality across the whole range of disposable products destined for different sectors - medical, dental, sports, promotional and mass retail.Thanks to our design and continual research and development, we are able to offer both Dispotech-branded products and personalised and customised lines for major international companies.For Dispotech, customising a product does not just mean printing brands or logos on the products or packaging, but also being able to modify packaging types and sizes and even the format of the product itself on request. For our company, therefore, synergy with our distributors both in Italy and abroad is fundamental, and we consider them not just clients but partners.


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Distributor, Exporter, Manufacturer


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1. Medical Devices: Medical Disposables, Medical Beddings, Medical Products


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worldAfricaAsiaEuropeMiddle EastSouth America

ISO 9001 - 13485

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Turn over:

$ 10,000,000 - $ 100,000,000

Number of employees:

10 - 100

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Origin: Italy

Category: Medical Bed Sheets


Dispotech has designed and produces Dispo SHEET protective disposable sheets for examination tables. Ideal for medical examinations, they are precut and composed of 1 ply pure cellulose tissue,...


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